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Container Type Enclosures are available for All Types of Generating Set Models, either in a Weatherproofed or a Sound attenuated configuration. All containers are designed to ISO spec and can be supplied fully tested and plated to meet relevant container approval authorities. The Sound Attenuated Enclosures can be tested and certified to meet the latest noise regulation. Super Sound Attenuated versions can also be supplied for use in the most demanding noise sensitive areas such as the Hospitals, Residential Homes, Societies etc.
Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated Trolleys
Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated Trolleys
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Make Your Own Canopy
We have developed the barriers & Acoustic Modules, which facilitate to convert Existing DG Set without disturbing existing civil work. Many of our customizing features we provide at little to no charge. "Do it yourself Soundproofing".

Barrier Panels can be screwed directly to any existent wall or framework for quick and easy soundproofing. Convert your any DG room into a sound Attenuated Room, it's that simple don’t be afraid. Customizing may be less expensive than you think.
Why go Modular?
Ease. Standard construction techniques are ill suited to your unique needs. Concrete or stud walls would need to reach expensive and inefficient thickness to provide the level of sound isolation achievable with modular panels. 
Appearance. Modular no longer means unattractive. Ose modular Acoustic Rooms offer a wide range of window styles, ceiling heights. Flooring options. Acoustic Barriers / modular panels are subjected to acoustical testing before dispatch to ensure the highest level of sound isolation. In future if your needs changes, modular construction allows rooms to be moved, reconfigured or enlarged as your needs expand, without high costs or the loss of acoustical integrity.
Remember : We can customize your DG Room to meet your specifications !
Including : You can choose to have
Different sizes barriers.
Door sizes or location.
Height, width, &/or length.
Special panel sizes.
Ventilation options.
No. Of doors, windows, window size's) & / or location.
And lots more! - - - All you have to do is ask.
Om Sai Enterprises