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Oil Cleaning Machines
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Vaccum Oil Purifier

Initial Cost fewer complete Oil changes
Oil Cleaning Machines
Water and particle contamination is one of the primary reasons for reduction in oil life and for machinery components degradation. Vacuum dehydrator, which uses a vacuum process to remove water, light hydrocarbons and solid contamination, has proved to be a cost effective solution in many applications such as:
A wide variety of high performance filter elements, filter bags, Fuller's Earth filters, disc Pac, coalescers, separators and rolled tubes for particle and water/moisture removal from air, gas, fuels, oil and liquids in general offers various micron rated, pleated filter elements with several choices of media such as micro glass, polyester/fiberglass, impregnated cellulose and plain pleated paper.
Also provides Fuller's Earth filters, disc Pac filters, separators and rolled tubes.
For hydraulic, lubrication and turbine oil purification.
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The system removes solids and water contamination by filtration and vacuum dehydration.
The unit is self-contained and designed for continuous service.
An optional Pre-Filter (6 micron absolute) is available should there be excessive particulate contamination in the oil.
Water Removal Capabilities :
Oil purifier is equipped to remove free emulsified and dissolved water from the oil. It is capable of removing 10 000 PPM down to 100 PPM.
Particulate Removal Capabilities :
To remove particulate contamination Utilizes an inlet strainer and a polishing filter rated for 99.5% removal of particulate larger than 3 microns absolute. The dimensions of the element will be 6" (O. D.) X 36.00"(Length) and the filter media will be a combination of polyester, micro glass and cellulose type for extended dirt holding capacity.
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