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Generator Control Panels Generator Control Panels
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Generator Control Panels
Generator Control Panels  
Generator Control Panels
Make your own Auto Generator Control Panels
Auto Generator Control PanelAuto Generator Control Panel
Special Freatures
• LED’s display normal / trip Alarm conditions.
• System enables customized setting & control.
• Special connectors ensure minimum installation time.
• Separate Relay Unit for Engine Starting & Stopping with 1 NOS. 40 amp. Capacity PCB
   mounted, Engine hours run.
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We have designed the fully Electronic & Microprocessor Control Panels / Modules to suit the typical & on site actual parameters of DG Sets. Many of the cases the parameters like L.O. Pressure; Alternator voltage characteristics are observed not similar.  This requires involment of addition / deletion of circuit at site.
The unit has been developed looking to & considering practical characteristics, has unique facility to set the desired parameters & it’s working (timings) at site as required.
Units are supplied with standard requirement for AMF application. However in case of extra facility normally not required can be Programmed in the same units.
Special Features :
Special Circuit for Engine Starter – Disconnecting of the starter / disengaging as soon as engine is started irrespective of time set for Cranking.
Inbuilt Voltage sensing for Generator Voltage Under speed & Over Speed Tripping.
Display for Hour meter, RPM, & Frequency.
Make your own Auto Generator Control Panel
Generator Control Panels
Special Freatures
• Electrostatic Oil Purification / Filtration Machines.
• Available in various ranges from 10 ltrs. to 100 ltrs. capacity.
• Oil Filtration upto nas class 6,90.8 micron.
• Supplied with indigenous & imported High Voltage Power Packs.
• Electrical consumption is very low.
• Available in Conventional Relay Panel / Microprocessor Panel.
• Operation & maintenance cost is very less.
• Supported by dedicated Staff & Super Economical After Sales & Service Policies.
• On line cleaning upto any capacity of & reservoir too.
• Portable & Stationery Models available. Custom design available too.
• Specially designed to have positive results for super cleaning upto nas clss 4/5 Long term
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   benefits with small initial cost fewer complete oil changes.
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