Automatic Transfer Switch Panels
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Automatic Transfer Switch Panels Automatic Transfer Switch Panels
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Automatic Transfer Switch Panels
Technical Specification :
Automatic Transfer Switch Panels
Indicators for the following :
Generator on
load on Generator
Mains on
load on Mains
4- Control circuit fuses and bases / power cables.
1- 3 / 4 Pole on load automatic operating changeover switch with internal electrical (and mechanical) interlock.
Control terminals
Generator, Mains input and Load output terminals
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Custom Designs available
Automatic Transfer Switch Panels is designed to monitor (& to start Generator / remote generator control panel automatically) the mains source and upon partial or full failure of the source / Mains supply. the control panel will provide a volt free contact output, to give a start signal to the remote generator control panel to enable automatic start of the generator. On sensing that the generator is running at correct output the transfer switch will motor from the mains position to generator position, thereby transferring the site load. On return of the mains source and after a time delay to allow for the mains to stabilise.
The reverse action will take place allowing the automatic transfer back to the mains source; When Mains restores, which is checked by L.V.M. for its healthiness, the generator is then disconnected from the load and automatic transfer back to the mains source takes place, with the generator running on a cool down period and re-setting ready for next failure. Load is now connected to the mains.
Genset is then run for about 5 minutes time set, on no load and it is stopped automatically. This system has facility for manual transfer & tripping of either offload.
Each panel is complete with the following components as standard:Three phase mains under voltage / failure device LVM, GVM 1- Generator start / stop volt free contact / Potential free contacts.
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