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After sales & service and spares of all types of DG Sets Sound Proof & Weather Proof

Amc, Call services Installation & Commissioning
Amc, call services Installation & commissioning
Overhauling of
All types of Engines, Alternators, Panels including rewinding, Oil Filtration on Rental
All types of engines, alternators, panels including rewinding oil filtration on rental
All types of engines, alternators, panels including rewinding oil filtration on rental
All types of engines, alternators, panels including rewinding oil filtration on rental
Renevation, Refurbishing
OSE offers the separate set up with expertise & skilled staff required for day to day call services, minor / major breakdowns, top / major overhauling either at site or at works, Bhosari, Pune, which is centralized location has the easy & convient facility from the point of transportation.
We offer the services complete in all respects i.e. Complete Electro-Mechanical, For All Types DG (Engines, Alternators) Sets, Silent DG Sets, Enclosures, Panels, All Types of Oil Cleaning Machines, Consultancy etc.
Ask for Free Quote for your any need for any Oil Filtration Machine, DG Sets, Anels etc.
Coaliser, Separatoprs, Strainer Elements (y_strainer) Strainer Assly, O' Rings, Gasket, HV Connector, Quick Release, Coupling. Rotometer, Electrode Cover Sets, Collector Paper Sets, High Voltage Power Packs (indegeneous/imported), Flow Control Valves. Pressure Gauges – differential, Float Switches, Limit Switch, Castor Wheels Lockable, Castor Wheels Non-Lockable, Rubber Spider, Avms Gear Pumps Braided Hoses, Nylon Hoses, Membrane Filters, Rotameter Assembly, Seal kit, Pressure Gauges. PVC Sliding Assembly, Limit Switches ma/kv Digital Meters, ma/kv Anolog Meters, Heating Elements, Set of Cu Washers, O ’rings, Gaskets, Main brgs, cr brgs, : Piston Rings, Liners, Cyl.heads, Inlet, Exhaust Valves, Valve guides, A ll types Air Filters-air, Fuel, Oil, Hoses, Crank Shafts, Elctrical Guages, Safety Switches, Amf Units, Con.rods, Gears, Flywheel Couplings etc.
All Types Alternator Spares :
AVR, RR Assly, Slip Rings, Brushes, Surge Suppressors, Bearings, Moulded Rectifier Assly, Filter Units, Compound Transformers etc.
The services are offered for all types of DG Sets, Silent DG Set, and Oil Cleaning Machines. Further the stock of all req. spares adds on unique facility of prompt services & immediate putting of DG set into operation.
We offer all types of services right from the day-to-day Maintenance, Routine maint, Minor-major Breakdowns to top / Major Overhauling under AMC/ Turnkey jobs.
OSE offers all types of material / parts Calibration, repairs with highly Precision Machines for the delicate parts like Con. rod, Crankshaft, Crank Case, etc. including Hardness Testing, Magnaflux Crack Detection, Bending Checking, Crankshaft undersizing, Line boring, Repairs of High Voltage Power Packs / transformers etc.
Om Sai Enterprises